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purvey / снабжать, поставлять, быть поставщиком
supply, provide, furnish, equip, deliver, purvey
supply, deliver, produce, cater, purvey, run
быть поставщиком
provide or supply (food, drink, or other goods) as one's business.
shops purveying cooked food
Unless MPs and other leaders are pro-active, there will be very little room for prophets of doom who may wish to take advantage of some weaknesses and use these as fertile ground to purvey lies and discontent.
this magazine feels like a concerted effort to purvey gloom and doom
the majority of newspapers purvey a range of right-wing attitudes
More than 20 million web pages purvey pornography to suit every taste, ‘adult’ chat rooms abound and virtual peepshows are proliferating at a staggering rate.
Credit cards are convenient, but few individuals have setups where they can handle the plastic, that being the purvey of businesses who deal in volume.
In this effort, advertising companies have notoriously used women as objects to purvey their products.
All are meant to purvey the same message of ubiquitousness, a sinister blend of reassurance and menace.
As I see it, we have a perfect example here of the left trying to muzzle or altogether silence a weblog that purveys ideas they don't like or agree with.
Though never quite managing to hit commercial paydirt, Glasgow-born singer/songwriter John Martyn has carved out an acclaimed career by purveying an idiosyncratic mix of rock, folk and jazz.
The conservative talk jocks have been purveying this canard to explain their monopoly of the spectrum.