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pursuant / в соответствии
в соответствии
in accordance
имя прилагательное
following; going in pursuit.
the pursuant lady
in accordance with (a law or a legal document or resolution).
conversations that they wiretap pursuant to court order
pursuant to
No copies of the documents disclosed pursuant to this order are to be provided to third parties other than to the parties' witnesses without the leave of the court.
He ordered, pursuant to section 294A, the appointment of a statutory examiner.
An occasion is privileged if the statement is made pursuant to a legal, social or moral duty incumbent upon the defendant.
The children remained in their mother's custody pursuant to a Court order, which provided for access to the girls by their father.
That is a document that was filed pursuant to Practice Direction No 3 of 1996.
Where lies the lack of care or diligence on the part of a director who, pursuant to that resolution, gives effect to it?
There is the existence of legal homicide - as when a convicted and condemned criminal is executed pursuant to court order.
The transfers must be made pursuant to certain court orders.
All is in accordance with and pursuant to the terms and conditions set out in the agreement.