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pursuance / исполнение, выполнение, преследование
имя существительное
execution, performance, fulfillment, pursuance, rendition, discharge
implementation, execution, performance, fulfillment, accomplishment, pursuance
persecution, pursuit, chase, chasing, victimization, pursuance
имя существительное
the carrying out of a plan or action.
you have a right to use public areas in the pursuance of your lawful hobby
A preacher may be taken as some obsessed creature in pursuance of his mission but, as one can see, he is also providing life to those he gets acquainted with.
they are considering a walkout in pursuance of a better deal
A strong and dogged pursuance of the case and passage of the Punjab Termination Act, 2004 annulling all previous agreements on river water sharing since 1981 earned him great appreciation of the people of Punjab.
The strike was called by the Union of Kenya Civil Servants on June 2, in pursuance of a substantial pay increase.
Resident doctors at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, in northern Nigeria, began an indefinite strike on July 15, in pursuance of improvements in working conditions.
you have a right to use public areas in the pursuance of your lawful hobby
The answer to that argument lies in the opening words of section 14, which show that the section refers to the ‘goods supplied under a contract of sale'. In my opinion that means the goods delivered in purported pursuance of the contract.
In pursuance of the Government's pledge to boost the Special Forces a total of 334 new members are required.
On stability on the Korean Peninsula, Gong Ro Myung, a former South Korean foreign minister, told the meeting Japan can play a role in the pursuance of stability and eventual reunification of the Korean Peninsula.
I thought we were paying the police to be enforcers of law and supporters of society, to act in a professional, non-partisan way in the pursuance of their duties.