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purser / казначей, эконом
имя существительное
treasurer, paymaster, bursar, purser, questor, purse-bearer
steward, housekeeper, manciple, purser
имя существительное
an officer on a ship who keeps the accounts, especially the head steward on a passenger vessel.
One of them was the purser of the vessel who told us that it all happened very quickly in rough seas.
Before the airplane takes off, the head or ‘A’ flight attendant or purser will make an announcement to ‘arm doors and cross-check’ or something similar.
One of them was the purser of the vessel who told us that it all happened very quickly in rough seas.
In 1768 he was listed as purser of the Aurora and it was from there that he came to the Endeavour.
The 26-year-old, who asked not to be named, was dismissed days after being promoted to flight purser and told he was ‘not suitable for the job,’ according to the South China Morning Post.
Your captain said there were fifty men aboard, himself not included - his first mate, cook, navigator, purser , boatswain, carpenter, quartermaster, and forty-three sailors.
Statements were being taken from the pilot, the purser and other witnesses, and a decision would be made by the end of the week on the way forward.
Those not wishing to use a credit card will need to leave a cash deposit with the purser 's office at the beginning of the cruise.
Duggal, who started out as a storeman in the staff canteen, was promoted step-by-step to cabin-crew and eventually in-flight purser , where he was responsible for training African crew.
The purser , this big friendly black gal, said, ‘Honey, just let it go!’
You'll have a double cabin to yourself, but pay less because you won't know which one until you board the ship and the purser directs you, basically, to whichever cabin is still unoccupied.