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purse / кошелек, портмоне, сумка
имя существительное
purse, pouch
purse, porte-monnaie
bag, pouch, handbag, purse, case, satchel
wrinkle, pucker, ruffle, purse, crinkle, contract
wrinkle, wince, pucker, purse, crinkle, wrinkle up
класть в кошелек
имя прилагательное
fat, obese, corpulent, stout, gross, purse
имя существительное
a small bag used especially by a woman to carry everyday personal items.
This is a great little pistol that can be carried everyday in a purse or holster.
(with reference to the lips) pucker or contract, typically to express disapproval or irritation.
Marianne took a glance at her reflection and pursed her lips disgustedly
I carried it in my purse with me wherever I went for the next two days in a Manila folder as proof of my newly found street cred.
The judiciary defends the people and the people's purse .
The prize purse will again be over 60,000 baht in cash, gold and other prizes.
The United Kingdom budgetary cuts will serve to reduce the purse available to the incumbent ministers.
A few years later, my mother's purse was snatched by someone who was also, coincidentally, younger and larger than she was.
For a rematch with Ali, Frazier demanded the lion's share of the purse .
The men at the table nod to her as she gathers her winnings into her purse and stands.
As I transferred the contents from my old purse into the new one, I wondered why I even bother carrying a purse .
While walking with a ‘female companion’ they were approached by two men who grabbed at the woman's purse .
Put the right money as a prize purse , and you will have the world competing in your backyard.