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purr / мурлыкать
purr, hum, croon
имя существительное
purr, hum
имя существительное
a low continuous vibratory sound, typically that made by a cat or vehicle.
Back at Gleb and Sherry's condo, Yoli and I were introduced to their cat, a sleek animal that was actually friendly, with nearly continuous purrs or meows emanating from its cute little open mouth.
(of a cat) make a low continuous vibratory sound usually expressing contentment.
The cat purred loudly as Daniel scratched him behind the ears.
The small feline's purr was clearly audible to Wendy, who smiled.
If you drove a formula one racing car to work and you stopped at the garage to put in high-octane fuel, your car would purr with delight and function to the best of its capabilities.
It would sound a twelve beat purr then go silent for a few seconds then start again.
with a soft purr, the car headed out on to the road
When they had moved perhaps 70 yards away and out of sight, I picked up a slate call and made one very light purr and cluck.
From deep within him a low melodic purr slowly began to grow, building slowly with each passing moment.
Sometimes it was more vibration than sound, a swelling purr .
What makes him think that a cat doesn't purr because it's happy?
His long coat fans all over me, and his chest vibrates with a pleased purr when I stroke his stomach.
He moved with a liquid grace, and his voice was a deep, throaty purr ,