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purposive / намеренный, служащий для определенной цели, решительный
имя прилагательное
intentional, deliberate, purposive, advised, designful, calculated
служащий для определенной цели
resolute, strong, decisive, determined, drastic, purposive
имя прилагательное
having, serving, or done with a purpose.
teaching is a purposive activity
In this microscopic view, experience is revealed as having a foundation of ceaseless activity, of short-lived purposive impulses.
Poisoning is no doubt a purposive activity, and reflections on its purpose may show that it has its internal principles.
It finally rained at night, quiet but intense rain, the sort where you look out and see sheets of water moving across vast tracts of Singapore like a purposive entity.
Nevertheless, it does illustrate a reluctance on the part of the courts to acquiesce in the loss of a right of appeal which would have been the result of a stricter, less purposive construction.
On the other hand, the muscles of our limbs are termed ‘voluntary,’ because we can use them to carry out the purposive determinations of the Will.
They look for a collective life involving emotional, intellectual and physical inputs in some purposive activity.
Lord Denning led the stampede for the door, arguing for a purposive approach.
Only if what we are trying to explain is the purposive activity of a rational agent is it appropriate to look for a personal explanation.
It appears that D will be convicted only where a purposive intent is proved.
The Area Committee rejected this submission as being contrary to any purposive interpretation and as contradicted by the clear wording of the regulation.