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purposely / нарочно, преднамеренно, с целью
on purpose, purposely, deliberately, expressly, meaningly
purposely, willfully, knowingly, by design, wilfully
с целью
on purpose, purposely
on purpose; intentionally.
she had purposely made it difficult
she had purposely made it difficult
We played the basics of the song live and purposely left a lot of space for other elements to come in later.
This cat and mouse tactic was purposely designed to provoke, enrage and panic the unemployed.
The half hour length of many TV programmes seems purposely designed to leave us craving for more.
We purposely didn't make a big deal of the twenty-fifth because we think every year is important.
These are purposely put on in these totalitarian societies as of way of subverting the population.
A runaway winner at Sandown in February, he has purposely been kept fresh for this Merseyside jackpot bid.
I rolled my eyes, purposely intent on winding her up just for the hell of it.
I fear the event might be misunderstood and purposely hooked on by designers and enemies.
The big mistake Takeshi made, however, was to purposely have the computer blood look fake.