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purposeless / бесцельный, бессмысленный, бесполезный
имя прилагательное
aimless, pointless, purposeless, objectless, purportless
nonsensical, senseless, meaningless, pointless, mindless, purposeless
useless, futile, worthless, needless, valueless, purposeless
имя прилагательное
done or made with no discernible point or purpose.
purposeless vandalism
The evening deteriorated into a purposeless clutter of sensations: flutes shrilling; a shower of violets from the ceiling; a charlatan vomiting flames.
But this matchless capacity for purposeless lies has proven a drain on the charm resources of both.
This, for those who have embraced his philosophy, and that is most of our contemporaries, makes the world and human life meaningless and purposeless .
It is true that I despise purposeless killing, and regard it as an act of vandalism deserving the severest condemnation.
Wilful, purposeless , ambivalent cruelty seems to have been a major theme of the rudderless summer government.
Without them you have not got a society at all, you have purposeless anarchy.
Insomnia, Nolan's entrance into major studio film-making, was an empty and purposeless work, again, nearly all posturing.
This hyperkinetic disorder is characterized by involuntary, sudden, frequent, and purposeless jerks of the extremities, head, and trunk associated with facial grimaces.
It is purposeless drama and disappointing as this came from the hands of noted director Krishna Vamsee.
Many scientists believe the dogma that the blind, purposeless forces of evolution (random mutations and natural selection) created all the genetic information in plants.