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purposeful / целеустремленный, целенаправленный, умышленный
имя прилагательное
purposeful, single-eyed, single-minded
purposeful, telic
deliberate, intentional, willful, voluntary, purposeful, calculated
имя прилагательное
having or showing determination or resolve.
the purposeful stride of a great lawyer
Yet the committee gathered and spent two days in generally useful and purposeful discussions.
Kings Cross wasn't too bad; I got used to the dealers and hookers hassling me, and they seemed to recognise by my purposeful stride that I was a local and left me alone for the best part.
In a climate of political exhaustion, maybe it's time that arts institutions asserted the value of their work, and led policymakers back towards an acknowledgement of art as a purposeful activity in its own right?
Yet its exhibits, gleaned from some of the world's finest collections, elegantly displayed and labelled, are in essence, works of purposeful , premeditated vandalism.
If the situation arose through that person's purposeful negligence, however, then he is considered a purposeful wrongdoer.
Unfortunately, the convenient assumption that any rational leader also will be reasonable sets up the observer to miss an opponent's conscious and purposeful moves that are far outside expected norms.
His sprightly frame is totally erect with not a hint of a stoop and his quick stride and purposeful gait would put men half his age to shame.
In smaller nursing homes, where low profit margins do not allow the employment of full multidisciplinary teams, patients are subjected to little purposeful activity.
The state calculated the amount of purposeful underpayment by Chevron to be $13.5 million over the thirteen years and the jury agreed.
Emotions like grief, fear and despair are purposeful and useful - if we know how to listen to them.