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purpose-built / специально построенном
имя прилагательное
built for a particular purpose.
purpose-built accommodations for the elderly
In a purpose-built exhibition hall, the history associated with the treasure will be explained and displayed.
Orthopaedics will have purpose-built accommodation, also on level four, and close to the main theatres.
The show boasts one of the world's largest purpose-built marinas.
Sources said the artefacts would be displayed in a purpose-built secure exhibition centre.
Elderly residents in Bedford appear to have backed plans to sell their almshouses and use the cash for a purpose-built project.
The move into new purpose-designed premises at Clifton Moor will give a major boost to our company, our parent group and our employees.
Four weeks ago, the archive, formerly based at Ripon, moved into purpose-designed headquarters within the swish new York St John's College building, opposite the Union Terrace car park.
Sales have risen for a purpose-designed product that is generally not found widely discarded across the countryside, trees, streets and seas of the UK.
A number of these were purpose-made from zinc alloy and some were firearms converted to fire the gas cartridge.
By completing the purpose-designed building in a considerably shorter timescale, there is a direct benefit to patients who can now be seen and treated much earlier and in a state-of-the-art facility.