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purpose / цель, назначение, намерение
имя существительное
goal, purpose, objective, aim, target, object
purpose, destination, appointment, administration, assignment, use
intention, intent, plan, aim, purpose, mind
иметь целью
purport, purpose
mean, intend, plan, design, set out, purpose
имя существительное
the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.
the purpose of the meeting is to appoint a trustee
have as one's intention or objective.
God has allowed suffering, even purposed it
He checked into rehab, straightened out his head and re-emerged with a new sense of purpose .
He is a great man to turn up year after year and his stamina and sense of purpose is unequalled.
there's an air of purpose about them
There's a high degree of trust, a very high degree of camaraderie and sense of purpose .
they came with the purpose of learning Irish
There is a palpable new confidence and sense of purpose in the squad.
Duncan Smith has approached the past week with the focus and sense of purpose to be expected of a former Scots Guard.
The student said the purpose of the meeting was to discuss how Massad could be kicked off campus.
This is a reasonable choice, keeping in mind the purpose of the Act to promote animal welfare.
Remember that Kant emphasized formal features and the idea of purposiveness without a purpose .