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purport / иметь целью, претендовать, подразумевать
иметь целью
purport, purpose
claim, pretend, purport, profess, put in
mean, imply, involve, understand, infer, purport
имя существительное
goal, purpose, objective, aim, target, purport
content, contents, maintenance, substance, keep, purport
подразумеваемый смысл
имя существительное
the meaning or substance of something, typically a document or speech.
I do not understand the purport of your remarks
appear or claim to be or do something, especially falsely; profess.
she is not the person she purports to be
the purport of existence
Big men often purport to be powerful spirit mediums and to possess both healing powers and deadly war sorcery.
The conduct or act has intrinsically no definite significance, or only an ambiguous one, and its whole legal purport or tenor is to be more precisely ascertained by considering the words accompanying it.
Mr. Hobbs submits that the subsection cannot apply where, as here, the clause under consideration defines the service to be provided and does not purport to permit substandard or partial performance.
The purport and effect of those documents are one of the matters in issue in this case.
That kind of message is sent for the purpose of concealing from the telegraph company, as well as all other parties, except the person to whom it is sent, the purport of the message.
It did not purport to be a notice conveying any such intention on the part of the Secretary of State.
Ordinarily, it is not sufficient to give the tenor, substance or purport of the libel or slander, or an approximation of the words, or words to a certain ‘effect’, or any other words of a similar import.
I do not understand the purport of your remarks
He contended that the delay was remedied before any harm or prejudice was caused, and moreover, the defendant Vendors did not object or purport to rescind the agreement until after the breach had been remedied.