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purple / фиолетовый, пурпурный, багровый
имя прилагательное
purple, violet, violaceous
purple, magenta, amaranthine
purple, red, scarlet, florid, red in the face, mulberry
имя существительное
фиолетовый цвет
purple, violet
пурпурный цвет
purple, amaranth, purpure
окрашивать в пурпурный цвет
имя прилагательное
of a color intermediate between red and blue.
a faded purple T-shirt
имя существительное
a color intermediate between red and blue.
the painting was mostly in shades of blue and purple
become or make purple in color.
Ed's cheeks purpled
he went purple with rage
Greens and reds are typically caused by oxygen, while purple and blue colours are caused by nitrogen.
Still in ancient times, but in Rome, do you remember the imperial purple worn so proudly by the Roman toffs.
The variety ‘William III’ has double, rich purple flowers and chocolate hips and rarely tops 1m tall.
The broccoli now has a tiny purple flower head, so hopefully that will grow nicely and I can have some home grown!
I was, of course, wearing purple , a commemorative shirt from a Washington cultural fair or music festival or something.
I called one our maids, Andrea, to go and put the blue and purple flowers in the drawing room.
Yellow, white and purple flowers ringed a stage in front of a jagged mountain of dark wreckage.
Bring the pan of water back to the boil and cook the linguini for three minutes - it will take on the purple colour.
The whole show was black, black and black, with the occasional complimentary white, pink and purple .