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purity / чистота, непорочность, проба
имя существительное
purity, cleanliness, cleanness, clarity, integrity, innocence
purity, maidenhead, white
try, sample, test, trial, probe, purity
имя существительное
freedom from adulteration or contamination.
the purity of our drinking water
In fact not only was it a lower colour and purity , but it had been enhanced by laser drilling to remove impurities.
The purity of the cocaine was still being tested by forensic experts at Garda HQ yesterday.
Notions of sexual purity tend to mean adding to life through subtraction from life.
The colour white symbolizes a lot of things, and one is that it represents purity and innocence.
Order it any kind of way and you'll revel in the sweet, rich, spicy purity of the thing.
In its vitality, harmony and purity of form, this art is profoundly close to nature.
Herbs have been used in Europe for a long time, but their products are tested for purity and content.
Given the high purity , Gardaí said it could be worth three times that when cut down with the mixing agent.
Women folk of the village have to walk uphill and down dale to fetch a pail of water irrespective of its purity or impurity.
The table might also represent purity and clarity of mind since the white cloth gives the table the aspect of an altar.