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puritanical / пуританский
имя прилагательное
Puritan, puritanical, puritanic, stuffy, strait-laced, straight-laced
имя прилагательное
practicing or affecting strict religious or moral behavior.
The other great influence on Lane's life was his mother's puritanical religious convictions.
It just shows that those endless puritanical bromides about the perils of fixating on individual designers (in magazine profiles and monographs) are wasted breath.
The other great influence on Lane's life was his mother's puritanical religious convictions.
‘Their willingness to loosen puritanical laws on dress and public behavior have created the illusion of freedom,’ he says.
I think she got scared about these - she would say to me that there was a puritanical streak in America that can become so aggressive, and she always feared that, to come back.
Sallinen was born at Narmes, the son of a tailor who belonged to the puritanical religious sect of the Hihhulit.
They read a caution against supervisor-employee relationships as a puritanical ban on interoffice romance, while a call to report improper behavior was taken as an invitation to rat on co-workers.
Once again the men broke all the rules with no consequences, while the women were held to puritanical , rigid standards and expectations, all the while being subjected to harassment and resentment.
Crowley was raised a member of the Plymouth Brethren and his over-reaction to that puritanical brand of religion is fairly evident throughout his work, hence ‘The Great Beast’.
But beyond puritanical squeamishness - and the native instinct of all bureaucracies to create policies upon policies - employers have good reason to outlaw porn.
Is the baby boomer electorate so puritanical that they would punish progressive politicians who voiced support for liberalizing or legalizing intoxicants, or simply marijuana?