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purify / очищать, очищаться, совершать обряд очищения
clean, purify, cleanse, clear, peel, clear out
clean, purify, clear, refine, defecate, fine
совершать обряд очищения
remove contaminants from.
the filtration plant is able to purify 70 tons of water a day
Do get ‘smudged’ by an elder when he offers to purify you with sweetgrass, tobacco, sage and cedar.
Related work to purify semiconducting nanotubes and remove graphitic contamination is also being carried out.
But before you join a religious order and attempt to purify yourself, remember that the Vatican has determined that the celibacy rule is nonnegotiable.
People report that they sweat much more in a sauna during this cycle, as the body seems to want to purify itself.
You said this would purify the Faith and make it stronger.
The ancient scriptures believed the Yamuna to be sacred enough to purify one's soul.
The lodge will eventually have two ‘constructed wetlands’ to purify septic waste naturally.
Total RNA was isolated as described previously, with the inclusion of an ethylene glycol monobutyl ether precipitation to purify samples from contaminating carbohydrates prior to the lithium chloride precipitation of RNA.
Tibetans celebrated Dosmoche, dancing in masks to frighten away the evil spirits, and Pakistanis observed Chaomos, when they purify themselves with water and goat's blood.
a group of 19th-century German painters who set out to purify art