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purgation / очищение, очищение кишечника
имя существительное
purification, purifying, clarification, refinement, purgation, purge
очищение кишечника
purgation, depletion
имя существительное
the purification or cleansing of someone or something.
the purgation by ritual violence of morbid social emotions
The showing of Anatomy of Pain on television was seen as poignant and revealing, a sort of purgation , catharsis.
The path to the unitive state, the mystics tell us, includes purgation , an encounter with the transforming love of God that cleanses and purifies us.
What was the evidence, he asked, that purgation did anyone any good?
She was cautious, but Feinstein finds no trace of dishonour in the care she took to keep herself alive and free through successive waves of revolution and purgation .
Catharsis is the explosion or release of long repressed feelings, the purgation of secret passions.
For those with dry stool or constipation, purgation is adopted to clear away heat and promote bowel movement.
In Brown's late paintings and in the work Gillespie has been making in recent years, symbols are used less for confession and purgation than for spiritual instigation and invocation.
Clinical research on purgation in the treatment of the condition lends some support to this hypothesis.
Exorcists were known to abstain periodically from food for reasons of vision causation, purgation , and divine encounter.
the purgation by ritual violence of morbid social emotions