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purely / чисто, исключительно, полностью
purely, cleanly, fair
exclusively, exceptionally, exclusive, only, solely, purely
fully, completely, entirely, totally, complete, purely
in a pure manner.
act nobly, speak purely, and think charitably
to live purely
The club has a vile sexist advertising campaign that portrays women in purely sexual terms.
He also believes it is important that helpers are not seen purely as police informers.
act nobly, speak purely, and think charitably
They now claim that the meetings were purely exploratory and no decisions have yet been taken.
he left purely because of her
This implies that our findings perhaps cannot be explained purely in terms of the placebo effect.
Britain and the United States have seen film production purely in economic terms.
I did it for purely personal reasons
In purely military terms they posed no threat to the Reichswehr and the state police.