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pure / чистый, чистейший, простой
имя прилагательное
clean, pure, net, clear, unadulterated, pristine
pure, unadulterated, blank
plain, simple, ordinary, elementary, idle, pure
имя прилагательное
not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material.
cars can run on pure alcohol
In a new bowl, place one pound of sugar with pure clean water.
One of the psychics passed around a canteen full of clean, pure water, which Veon accepted gratefully.
As for material, pure cotton is a very good choice for a tropical climate.
For a moment, his anger concentrated on pure , soulless insatiable carnal hunger and desire, which was the cause of all his suffering.
Yet Widayanto has succeeded in treading the fine line between his pure art creations and his more commercial products.
I reach the insane conclusion that mathematics is pure art and I know that it isn't.
The material felt like pure silk, completely smooth.
It can only be banished by a maiden of pure heart and the daughter of Zeus so Rena must be present
Unicorns are renowned for their pickiness, only allowing human and elfin maidens of pure heart to ride them.
Both the wild and the cultivated balsams are found in varied colours such as red, blue, yellow, pink, purple and white, either in a pure or mixed form.