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purdah / затворничество женщин
имя существительное
затворничество женщин
имя существительное
the practice among women in certain Muslim and Hindu societies of living in a separate room or behind a curtain, or of dressing in all-enveloping clothes, in order to stay out of the sight of men or strangers.
he required them to observe purdah
Learn to read, and while you are seated behind the purdah you may make a tour of the whole world.
she was supposed to be in purdah upstairs
He proposed abandonment of purdah and more freedom to women among the Maharashtra Sunni Muslim community.
The woman in hijab - call it purdah , scarf, mafta, or whatever - doesn't throw herself as a poster for the oppressed womanhood.
Religious fanatics in the provincial congress compete to introduce measures to restrict women: one MP is trying to make purdah compulsory; another has targeted sport for women and schoolgirls.
We hold separate gatherings in our home and observe purdah as much as possible so it isn't that we're looking for any way possible to go against the commandments of Allah.
he required them to observe purdah
The idea that if one gives up a customary religious practice such as purdah , that one is ceasing to be a Muslim altogether is an egregious misrepresentation of what it takes to be a Muslim.
For a woman, a death in the home - with purdah , which literally means curtain - is a death of honor.
Where social life outside of the compound may be limiting for women due to the institution of purdah , within the household, the movements of women are not constrained.