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pupillage / малолетство, ученичество, несовершеннолетие
имя существительное
pupillage, nonage, pupilage
discipleship, apprenticeship, pupillage, pupilage, noviciate, tirocinium
minority, infancy, pupilage, pupillage, nonage
Mr Nash asked for information on pupillage
the first six months of pupillage
Three years later she qualified with an honours degree and wrote to Michael Mansfield about her pupillage .
he began a three-year pupillage
But during this long pupillage he had perennially returned to his family's estate to work the vintages, watch and learn.
Let us emancipate the student, and give him time and opportunity for the cultivation of his mind, so that in his pupilage he shall not be a puppet in the hands of others, but rather a self-relying and reflecting being.
Unfortunately, no trace of the Royal High School's curriculum for writing and bookkeeping at the precise time of Scott's pupilage survives.