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pupil / ученик, зрачок, воспитанник
имя существительное
disciple, pupil, apprentice, learner, schoolboy, scholar
pupil, foster-child
имя прилагательное
ward, pupil
young, juvenile, pupil
имя существительное
a student in school.
He told delegates the primary school pupil had attacked four teachers.
the dark circular opening in the center of the iris of the eye, varying in size to regulate the amount of light reaching the retina.
Muscles controlling the iris change the size of the pupil according to light conditions.
It was not necessary for us to agonise over the state of the retina or retinal vessels through a small undilated pupil .
A former sixth form pupil at Ulverston Victoria High School is returning as head teacher in September.
will you take me on as your pupil?
primary school pupil
I have been in academic life now, pupil , student and teacher, for over half a century.
He told delegates the primary school pupil had attacked four teachers.
It varies the size of the pupil and the thickness of the lens of the eyes to adjust for brightness and for distance.
He says he has been prescribed pills which reduce the blurring by reducing the size of his pupil but he says he cannot drive at night now.
The procedure involved displacing the lens from the pupil into the vitreous cavity.
there's a drop in pupil numbers