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pup / щенок, тюлененок, молокосос
имя существительное
puppy, pup, whelp, cub
greenhorn, sucker, pup, punk, cub, puppy
whelp, pup, cub, litter
имя существительное
a young dog.
Kate, who owns Parker, the youngest of the pups , has made the same mistake I made with Poppy when she was little - namely not understanding how much food you have to give them.
(of female dogs and certain other animals) give birth to young.
Could these be the same birds that every year turn up hundreds of miles away along the desert coast just in time for the sea lion pupping season?
The hound pup he had brought with him from Kettlethorpe raised his head at the stifled sobs that shook Johnny's body.
A young seal pup appeared from nowhere, performing an underwater ballet for our benefit.
Peter put away his pipe then rubbed his hands together, trying to strike up a conversation with the young pup .
‘The death that is not to be mourned is if the heart had frozen over, young pup ,’ he recalled his father saying.
A mother harbor seal watches over her pup on Sable Island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.
Then a young pup of a deputy sports editor ordered me to leave the comfort of my sofa and actually go to Muirfield to experience the golf in the raw.
He began as an exuberant young pup setting teen hearts aflutter with his homely good looks.
In fact, nobody would claim that pup - it had a mother, a street dog, and that was all.
To get Inshy my quick growing pup her last vaccination shot from Dr. Sangeeta Vengsarkar.
A dog-loving teenager is celebrating after her canine friend, Grace, was named the best pup in the county.