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puny / тщедушный, маленький, щуплый
имя прилагательное
puny, puisne
small, little, petite, puny, diminutive, wee
puny, weak
имя прилагательное
small and weak.
skeletal, white-faced, puny children
Their gigantic footballers have seen off the puny English opposition.
The females, for whom size apparently does matter, find the males puny and unappealing.
My lack of faith and fear about writing now seemed puny and indefensible.
Third, stay in the book business long enough to change the market dynamic and plow all those pitifully puny stores under.
Her list of credits would make your puny little life look like a bad joke.
He has a puny physique, so he cannot be only an action hero,.
At a gut level, however, $35 million sounds puny compared to the devastation in the region.
You've got muscly legs, which are the size of pins, and muscly arms, which are puny !
Do my insane ramblings ring a delicate bell in your puny , thoughtless brain?
The answer that, ‘We are too puny to understand the purposes of God’ is not an explanation.