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punt / выбивать из рук, понтировать, поддавать ногой
выбивать из рук
поддавать ногой
имя существительное
punt, scow
rate, bet, General Headquarters, stake, wager, punt
удар ногой
kick, punt
имя существительное
a long, narrow, flat-bottomed boat, square at both ends and propelled with a long pole, used on inland waters chiefly for recreation.
I had no oars because I thought I could propel the punt with a primitive sail that I had assembled.
an act of punting a ball.
Knox went to punt, but a strong rush by Macalester forced the punter to hurry the kick, and the punt went only 5 yards.
a bet.
those taking a punt on the company's success
the basic monetary unit of the Republic of Ireland (until replaced by the euro), equal to 100 Irish pence.
The old punt is equal to one euro and twenty seven cent.
travel or convey in a punt.
A flight in the vintage aircraft was one treat, with a punt down the Thames at Henley, then a restaurant meal to follow.
kick (the ball) after it is dropped from the hands and before it reaches the ground.
he used to be able to punt a football farther than anyone
delay in answering or taking action; equivocate.
he would continue to punt on questions of Medicare
(in some gambling card games) place a bet against the bank.
Therefore, if you were punting with a stake of £2 per point, you would win 32 x £2 = £64.
I could hear the water lapping on the sides of my punt .
We were rammed once by an undergrad punting a whale of a barge of a punt, but everyone stayed in the punt, including, happily the guy attached to the punt pole - me.
those taking a punt on the company's success
Make no mistake, Moss will be the No.1 returner, but teams will try to punt away from him once they realize how dangerous he is.
In January 2002 the euro replaced the Irish punt , which in 1928 had replaced the British pound before it.
the Raiders could get nowhere with their possession, and had to punt
That's four out of five borrowers taking a punt on where interest rates are going.
Having ditched the punt for the euro, the Irish are more concerned about Central Bank interest rates than shenanigans at Stormont.
A passerby on shore heard the cries for help, broke a window in a yacht club, grabbed a pair of oars, slipped a punt in the water and rowed out to where he heard the shouting.
Play it straight, get a stop, and Oakland will punt , giving New York possession around midfield.