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punk / панк, сопляк, шпана
имя существительное
punk, wet, snotter
kids, punk
имя прилагательное
worthless, wretched, poxy, trifling, riffraff, punk
cheesy, shoddy, trashy, worthless, lousy, punk
bad, poor, ill, low, inferior, punk
up, upward, upwards, skyward, heavenward, punk
имя прилагательное
in poor or bad condition.
I felt too punk to eat
relating to punk rock and its associated subculture.
a punk band
имя существительное
a worthless person (often used as a general term of abuse).
A cranky, old, blind man, who lives next door and is always barking, ‘Turn down that music, you lousy punks !’
a loud, fast-moving, and aggressive form of rock music, popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
The breakthrough of punk internationally put rock music and popular culture back in the hands of fans and amateurs.
soft, crumbly wood that has been attacked by fungus, sometimes used as tinder.
Winona thought Devon was really cute, he had black hair and was a punk .
There was someone on it who was in some band that was influential in the 60s or something and was a building block for the punk movement.
I also saw a picture of her as a bleached-blond punk teenager wearing dark eyeliner and a shirt that looked as if it was made of chain metal.
They go on to state that, in the late '70s, punk was more than loud music and T-shirt slogans.
Hebdige considers the punk adoption of the swastika as a particularly troublesome moment in the negotiation of punk subculture.
The quartet embraces the classic punk idioms of lo-fi production, charging guitars and three-chord progressions.
My wife experienced the dark side of the suburban dream as a child and ran away to San Francisco, finding solace in the early punk community.
Why would a 43-year-old man still be drumming for a punk band?
At a time when ‘punk’ is very much ‘in,’ isn't it appropriate that we will soon get to see a real punk band in action?
My younger sister Jeri, in her mauve bridesmaid dress and punk make-up she refused to wash off, handed out photocopied programs to the arriving guests.