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punjabi / панджаби, язык панджаби, панджабец
имя существительное
язык панджаби
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of or relating to Punjab or its people or language.
The Glasgow Gender Clinic has specifically targeted its marketing at Scottish Asians with ads in the Punjabi language paper Des Prades promising couples an 80% chance of having a son.
имя существительное
a native or inhabitant of Punjab.
Even racial and ethnic subgroups divide along rigid lines - as with Sikhs or Hindus or Punjabis among the large Indian American community, or by class or immigrant status.
the Indic language of Punjab.
The charity has staff who can speak various languages including Punjabi , Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati and Chinese.
Shah, who serves with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, speaks not two or three but six languages - English, Hindi, Punjabi , Gujarati, Urdu and Pashto.
Connoisseurs of the cuisine say that the gravy component of Punjabi food came from the Mughals, the most popular example being ‘murgh makhani’ with its delicate flavour.
Two thirds of the pupils speak Urdu or Punjabi as their mother tongue.
The South Indian has a generally prejudiced view of Punjabis and Punjabi culture.
The menu enfolds Kashmir classics such as dhaniwal murg, Rajasthani dishes such as ghatte ka saag, Avadhi delights such as kakori kebab and murg shahajani and Punjabi khana such as rara ghosht.
The Balochi nationalists have been critical of the induction of a large number of Punjabis and Pashtuns into the province to work in this project.
Remarking on yet another quirky Punjabi penchant, the authors say that Punjabis obviously considered it illogical and unnecessary to use plural number for nouns representing single objects.
While reading novels of Kanwal and Gurdial Singh, he could not always understand Malwai (a dialect of Punjabi spoken in the Malwa region) words.
Gurmukhi is not only used by Sikhs but by Hindus as well as Muslims living in Punjab to represent their common spoken language, Punjabi .
She has now been able to introduce the Punjabi language from Class V onwards as part of the curriculum in Lahore Grammar School.