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punishment / наказание, кара, взыскание
имя существительное
punishment, penalty, chastisement, judgment, discipline, penance
punishment, judgment, retribution, scourge, penance, visitation
punishment, penalty
имя существительное
the infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offense.
crime demands just punishment
Usually, police can only arrest someone for an offence which carries a punishment of at least five years in jail.
your machine can take a fair amount of punishment before falling to pieces
When Hermann could take no more punishment , his legs buckled and he fell flat into the mud.
I would do it no matter what the punishment
It's also an animal that can absorb a tremendous amount of punishment before it dies.
Outraged society then demands punishment , for it is a point of principle that offenders must pay for their misdeeds.
As a common law offence, the punishment can carry anything up to a life sentence.
I know we are not supposed to go there and if we do, we can face severe punishment .
Condemnatory judgments, for example, may be accompanied by impulses of retribution and punishment .
Security software firms have welcomed the imposition of some punishment in the case.