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punish / наказать, наказывать, карать
punish, drop on
punish, penalize, chastise, discipline, correct, castigate
punish, chastise, scourge, smite, visit, chasten
inflict a penalty or sanction on (someone) as retribution for an offense, especially a transgression of a legal or moral code.
I have done wrong and I'm being punished for it
In updating the law on spousal rape, prosecutors in Arizona should punish that crime no differently than any other rape.
Can an Ohio court punish the gruesome murder of two college students that occurred in Pennsylvania?
a rise in prescription charges would punish the poor
a rise in prescription charges would punish the poor
These petitions helped us understand that neither Wheeler's family nor his community regarded the death penalty as the only way to punish his crime.
But it is far from evident that to punish the crime of homicide with death is the most just punishment or is just at all.
The usual business of his court was to punish misdemeanours: public drunkenness, reckless driving, petty theft.
Most rules were justified on the basis of injunctions by the spirits of the land, who were believed to punish any infraction.
This is the type of thing I've been in favour of for a long time. I really believe the tax code should be modified to reward healthy and environmentally sound choices and to punish poor ones.
My overall opinion is that capital punishment is an effective deterrent for crime, and as such, should be used to punish the extreme crimes, such as mentioned earlier.