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puncture / прокол, пункция, пробой
имя существительное
puncture, prick, blowout, tapping
puncture, tapping
breakdown, puncture, breakthrough, disruption, perforation, rupture
prick, injection, shot, puncture, sting, jab
puncture, pierce, impale, prick, spike, pink
пробивать отверстие
puncture, pierce, perforate
получать прокол
имя существительное
a small hole in a tire resulting in an escape of air.
she was on her way home when she had a puncture
make a puncture in (something).
one of the knife blows had punctured a lung
cause a sudden collapse of (mood or feeling).
the earlier mood of optimism was punctured
Wires lead from the array and appear through a skin puncture .
Unfortunately, Brown's hopes of a good result were dashed when a clash of wheels with another rider brought about a puncture .
Worse still is the title track - eight-and-a-half minutes of tedium and cliché interrupted by bad Riverdance impressions which really puncture the dark mood the song is trying to conjure up.
a puncture wound
It seals the puncture and the tyre can then be reinflated ready for use.
She didn't want him doing anything to make his puncture wound worse.
Cosgrove dropped to the floor in front of the elderly man and ripped the fabric, exposing one skinny calf that had two red puncture marks marring the skin.
She didn't seem the least bit winded, though Shannon felt as if a knife were stabbing into his lungs, trying to puncture his chest cavity so that all the air would escape and he would suffocate.
a puncture wound
The quality of the skin puncture sample is very technique dependent.