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punctuate / перемежать, акцентировать, прерывать
accent, emphasize, accentuate, punctuate
interrupt, discontinue, break, intercept, break in, punctuate
occur at intervals throughout (a continuing event or a place).
the country's history has been punctuated by coups
insert punctuation marks in (text).
Journalists at the press conference questioned the feasibility of this project, and The Beijing News punctuates the headline of its article with a question mark.
Three dozen illustrations punctuate Stokes's reissued text of 1934.
Detail shots featuring blow-ups of these reflections punctuate the transcript like posters in a man-hunt for the missing photographer.
Rice-Oxley will not only be an authorial presence on stage though, as the accompanying music is a recording of her singing Latin phrases to punctuate the English text.
And the politically correct asides that punctuate the text - theology is outdated, Roman battle descriptions are offensive - are irksome.
I have to pick through and revise the text, space it, and punctuate it, to make it readable and suitable for use.
Sunken courtyards, which will be colonised, punctuate the building and create pleasantly lit corridors, giving natural light to most practice and teaching rooms.
They fumble with sheets of paper and index cards, and mumble and punctuate every five words with ‘um’.
Similar scenes punctuate a text marked by an assiduous application to the school of Ernest Hemingway, no bad model for any writer, though a notoriously difficult one to imitate.
style manuals tell you how to punctuate
It has not escaped my notice that the older authors like to punctuate with a semicolon where the illocutionary force changes; but that is hardly enough to indicate that we are not dealing with coordination.