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punchy / энергичный, пробивной, напористый
имя прилагательное
vigorous, energetic, spirited, strenuous, dynamic, punchy
punchy, disruptive, pushy, pushing, hotshot
assertive, pushy, punchy, pushing, feisty, self-assertive
имя прилагательное
having an immediate impact; forceful.
his style is journalistic, with short punchy sentences
Striking a decent balance between pop catchyness and powerful rock dynamics, they're sweet but not syrupy, punchy but not overwrought.
Indeed, some of the more educated politicians even deliberately emulate the punchy and aggressive godfather style in order to capture the rural ground.
Brooks' dialogue is punchy and fast, each sentence giving new insight into the characters' often-strange behavior.
Where short sentences would have been impactful and punchy , McNamee prefers lengthy, brain-numbing lines.
The sound is a great mono presentation, quite dynamic, with punchy sound effects and good, clear dialogue.
In my resultant article I actually compared Montreal to an afternoon soap opera - a punchy , passionate, sentimental place full of ridiculous arguments and beautiful women.
Both of the schoolgirl characters are portrayed convincingly, the dialogue being sharp, punchy and humorous.
The new model is far better, with a sharper, more stylish nose and an attractive roofline that plunges at the rear to give the car a punchy , powerful appearance.
Hollywood hated the movie, but it still got a consolation mention for its punchy sound effects editing.
I've long admired the punchy , humorous letters of G. Wallace.