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punchline / кульминация
кульминационный пункт
имя существительное
the final phrase or sentence of a joke or story, providing the humor or some other crucial element.
The concept is clearly some kind of cosmic joke; one of which I've been the punchline several times over the past few decade.
They have a house in Passaic, the kind of town which serves as a punchline in American jokes.
He concluded by saying that he found a great deal of pleasure in knowing that somewhere out there was a man who could tell the exact same story but didn't have the punchline .
You really have to be from here to get the final punchline .
Benz is easy and confident on stage, an actor who knows how to tell a story and make it roll with a wink and a punchline at just the right spot.
Part of the reason why this series works so well is that it is based in character and craft, not the instant joke or the jerky punchline .
I spent hours folding the back pages just right so I could see the punchline to a joke that always poked fun at our society.
However, if the punchline is spectacular, then the joke could be told by someone dead, and it would still work out alright.
This has the benefit of being a double-meaning punchline which adds flavor to both the story of a watch and the premise that you were jesting with them.
So I'll make a deal with you: I'll give you the punchline , and you can write your own joke.