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punch / пуансон, пунш, пробойник
имя существительное
punch, die, puncheon, coin
punch, toddy, grog
punch, piercer, mandrel, pin, puncher, mandril
punch, wear, pounce, pin, clip
stamp, punch, extrude, press, manufacture, impress
бить кулаком
punch, box, slug
имя существительное
a blow with the fist.
They ram into the wall, exchanging body blows and punches as they scuffle.
a device or machine for making holes in materials such as paper, leather, metal, and plaster.
Use those bits of leftover wrapping paper and a hole punch to make confetti (a great job for the kids)!
a tool or machine for impressing a design or stamping a die on a material.
He began to concentrate on the design and manufacture of punch , stamp and draw tools for the production of metal car panels.
a drink made with fruit juices, soda, spices, and sometimes liquor, typically served in small cups from a large bowl.
Iced tea, fruit punch , water, milk, coffee, and hot tea were complimentary.
a grotesque, hook-nosed, humpbacked buffoon, the chief male character of the Punch and Judy show. Punch is the English variant of a stock character derived ultimately from Italian commedia dell'arte.
strike with the fist.
she punched him in the face and ran off
press (a button or key on a machine).
He swung the machine aside and punched a few buttons on a control panel, hoisting the machine up to the left side of the ceiling.
drive (cattle) by prodding them with a stick.
pierce a hole in (metal, paper, leather, etc.) with or as though with a punch.
Corresponding holes in the front of the parfleche were punched with a tapestry needle.
Change of scale and a riot of color gave this collage an extraordinary punch and visual appeal.
Brant drew back his fist and landed a punch squarely on the right-side of his face.
You may put a hole in the top with a paper punch and tie a ribbon through the hole.
The handlers who are stationed near the dispensing unit receive the cash and punch the amount into the battery-powered machine which prints out the bill.
Fruit punch made from fruit juice is an excellent source of Vitamin C, providing about 35g of vitamin C per serving.
Paint a metal-edged vellum gift tag (available at crafts stores) green, and punch a small hole on both ends of the tag.
Unsurprisingly, they are promising a spectacle to cater for the fans who like their touchdowns to come with an extra punch .
Just when both sides appeared to be settling for a point Nish delivered the killer punch when he popped up at the back post to convert Hamilton's miss-hit shot.
That is because of ‘chads’ on the punched ballot, or small pieces of paper left when the voter does not fully punch the paper.
In the unfortunate absence of a Spanish wine on the menu, the best alternative is the excellent Sangria, an alcoholic Spanish fruit punch .