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pump / насос, помпа, мужская бальная туфля
имя существительное
pump, pomp, glitter, pageantry
мужская бальная туфля
sway, swing, shake, rock, pump, oscillate
force, pump, deliver, feed
pump, pump out, deflate, tap, empty, exhaust
имя существительное
a mechanical device using suction or pressure to raise or move liquids, compress gases, or force air into inflatable objects such as tires.
a gas pump
a light shoe, in particular.
Then sandals of all sorts; then thongs, clogs, pumps , loafers, oxfords, baby shoes, and desert boots.
force (liquid, gas, etc.) to move in a specified direction by or as if by means of a pump.
the blood is pumped around the body
fill (something such as a tire or balloon) with liquid or gas using a pump.
I fetched the bike and pumped up the back tire
move vigorously up and down.
we had to pump the handle like mad
He used the steam engine to pump water out of mines.
The pump shotguns are giving way to autos, and also to semiautomatic rifles and pistol caliber carbines.
The naturally occurring well is renowned for the purity of its water, which is drawn with the aid of a mechanical pump .
As she pivoted around, the perfectly dyed Italian pump snapped it's heel, leaving the actress with a dramatic limp.
In the faint light we rose and sang hymns, accompanied by the organist sitting comfortably on the floor and using his right leg to pump the harmonium.
Already there are ads on small screens that jabber at you while you pump your gas, while you use your ATM machine and while you wait in the supermarket line.
It was the unmistakable sound of a pump shotgun chambering a load.
When Harry's turned on, his adrenaline flows and the endorphins pump , and he feels alive instead of dead.
Functioning basically like a pump , it compresses the refrigerant and provides pressure to force it around the rest of the cooling system.
the bacterium's sodium pump