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pummel / бить, тузить
beat, hit, strike, pound, smash, pummel
pummel, bang, mill
strike repeatedly, typically with the fists.
Bob did not fight back for the fifteen minutes that the half-dozen men pummeled him
She then proceeded to pummel him with her fists.
He slipped on a pair of weighted training mitts and started to belt and pummel the bag mercilessly.
And the critics are likely to pummel it mercilessly.
She just stared furiously at me, lips twitching with something to say, fists clenched to pummel me into something similar to hospital food.
What I cannot believe is that the leader of the opposition did not adopt this as his main line of attack and pummel the President on this.
I ignored his yells and continued to pummel him with my fists.
I propped myself up on my knees and pummeled him with my fists.
I pictured him walking home in the cold, or being held down and pummelled by some delinquent's fists.
The court was then told how, on May 30, Howarth caused another £100 of damage to Mr Hopkin's car after pummelling the bonnet with clenched fists.
Once he tried to punch Billy and got pummeled himself.