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pumice / пемза
имя существительное
pumice, holystone, pumice-stone
чистить пемзой
шлифовать пемзой
имя существительное
a very light and porous volcanic rock formed when a gas-rich froth of glassy lava solidifies rapidly.
Coarser fractions additionally contain volcanic clasts of vesicular and porphyritic lava, tuff and pumice .
rub with pumice to smooth or clean.
By ignoring that, you come up with something prettied up, pumiced , and packaged.
Shell, pumice , stucco, and marble formed the basic materials, but gradually glass was incorporated also.
He was faced with a monolithic obelisk of pumice with long turquoise strips running along it vertically, the area around it devoid of any tombstones.
We were told at the ‘visitor centre’ that Mt. St. Helens had a ‘Pyroclastic flow’, which is an eruption of volcanic ash and pumice as opposed to molten lava.
Rich in pumice , ash, and tuff deposits, the conical formations are the products of explosive volcanic eruptions that occurred between 6 and 7 million years ago.
Ash was now falling on to the ships, darker and denser the closer they went, together with pieces of pumice and rocks that were blackened and shattered by fire.
The tracks are impressed on a volcanic pyroclastic flow (ash, pumice , and rock fragments) deposit and buried under volcanic ash.
We're up on the Plains of Abraham now, a wild, desolate section of pumice through which the trail winds for three miles, slipping through eroded stream beds and across a landscape so stark it makes the moon look lush.
I went swimming in Lipari; one side of the island is a mountain of pumice .
If they're calloused, does she pumice them and slather them in lotion to make them soft and resilient again?
The surface was rough behind my back, like sharp-edged pumice .