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pulverize / распылять, распыляться, размельчать
spray, pulverize, atomize, nebulize, diffuse, fritter away
pulverize, nebulize
pulverize, crush, crush into pieces, crush up, rice
reduce to fine particles.
the brick of the villages was pulverized by the bombardment
Where we take grains and we strip them of their fiber, we pulverize them into a very fine starch and then we make them into things…
In a spice grinder, combine star anise, nutmeg, cloves and cumin; pulverize to a fine powder.
In a spice grinder, pulverize red pepper flakes and juniper to a powder.
Continue to pulverize remaining half to a fine powder.
They continued to pulverize their opponents' defense line in the second half and on several occasions came within scoring range.
But any doubts as to just how brilliantly Rock of Gibraltar had developed were dispelled in the Irish 2,000 Guineas when he pulverised the opposition at the Curragh.
It is a sort of denatured, homogenised product - as if all the musical notes had been thrown into some vast blender or pulveriser and had bled into each other.
This document confronts the problem of the excessive concentration of land in large properties and the excessive pulverisation of little enterprises, often at the margins of the market.
The machine, called a pulverizer , quickly reduces the remains to a fine powder - a prerequisite for dispersal under Japanese law.
In some Western countries, the remains are mechanically pulverized to produce 6 pounds or so of ‘ashes’.