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pulsate / пульсировать, биться, вибрировать
pulsate, pulse, pump, palpitate
beat, fight, struggle, chip, pound, pulsate
vibrate, oscillate, shimmy, chatter, thrill, pulsate
expand and contract with strong regular movements.
blood vessels throb and pulsate
A type of abstract art that exploits certain optical phenomena to cause a work to seem to vibrate, pulsate , or flicker.
The atmospheres of these stars pulsate in a very regular cycle, on timescales ranging from 2 days to a few months.
The one last night was pretty mild, and mountains pulsate less than alluvial land (which is relatively gelatin to a tremor of the earth), but no matter how many times you're shaken, you never get used to quakes.
blood vessels throb and pulsate
When it reached the horizontal, the mattress started to pulsate , slamming itself into one side of my back, then the other.
The variable stars in the above image are RR Lyrae variables, single stars that pulsate with periods of about half a day.
blood vessels throb and pulsate
At one point the circle, now apparently a semi-hemisphere, appears to pulsate , half-convincing you that somewhere in this sophisticated box of tricks is a living entity.
Kolesch says unlike the full mesh wall of regular fences that line the highway, the electric fence is just several strands with some electrified wires that pulsate on contact.
Under the band of Milky Way stars, we listened to crickets pulsate in the dewy grass, and watched the orange coals lick themselves with tiny flames.