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pulpit / кафедра, деятельность проповедника
имя существительное
chair, pulpit, cathedra, lectern, rostrum, tribune
деятельность проповедника
имя существительное
a raised platform or lectern in a church or chapel from which the preacher delivers a sermon.
The gay rights movement is uncomfortable with that tack, a skepticism bred from years of anti-gay sermons being delivered from pulpits across the country.
I hung over the side of the pulpit and saw that the bobstay chain was shackled to the end cap on the bowsprit, so I hunted up a wrench and another shackle.
Church ministers swapped the pulpit for the catwalk yesterday as they modelled the latest clerical designs at the clergy's answer to London Fashion Week.
Along the deck, out onto the pulpit and then farther out along the bowsprit he fled, as far away from her as he could get, while the porridge was arguing vigorously with his stomach now, and was not laughing.
Another concern voiced by some is that the length of the boat does not include the bow pulpit and owners have found their Silvertons don't fit into their slips.
His book is Growth Fetish and if it weren't for the fact that he was trained as an economist, you might expect him to be holding forth in a church pulpit on the evil of mammon.
The medieval remains, buried over 2 metres down, were impressive; part of the priory church, a stone pulpit and an unexpectedly well preserved chapel with a basement full of bones!
However, standard equipment includes a bow pulpit , life lines and rails.
The declaration promises that clergy and lay leaders will preach acceptance for homosexuality from the pulpit and in Sunday school.
the movies could rival the pulpit as an agency moulding the ideas of the mass public
The importance of provocative teaching from the pulpit is to remind and encourage persons of all ages to hear anew the call to discipleship which God issues.