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pulp / пульпа, древесная масса, бумажная масса
имя существительное
pulp, mash, wood pulp
древесная масса
wood pulp, pulp
бумажная масса
имя прилагательное
paper, pulp
превращать в мягкую массу
превращаться в мягкую массу
очищать от шелухи
hull, husk, pulp, shuck
имя существительное
a soft, wet, shapeless mass of material.
boiling with soda will reduce your peas to pulp
popular or sensational writing that is generally regarded as being of poor quality.
the story is a mix of pulp fiction and Greek tragedy
crush into a soft, shapeless mass.
Faking Cleopatra's suicide would have been as easy as pulping a fig.
There were fine scallops too, nicely sautéed, sitting on an earthy pea pulp , anointed with a minty butter sauce.
Squeeze the liquid into a bowl and set aside, discarding the pulp .
It is also the world's second-largest producer of chemicals used to bleach pulp for papermaking.
Poplar wood has many end uses, including pulp and paper, timber, plywood, pallets, soft board, and hard board.
Make use of other men's we-should-protect-demure-damsels-in-distress ego thingy and make sure the molester becomes pulp .
Wood pulp is an input in the production of paper.
Next comes the scooping stage, which requires the most skill, because the amount of pulp scooped and the evenness of its spread on the frame decides the quality of the paper.
They are used for the first chemical processing step of converting wood chips into pulp for paper manufacturing, primarily in the sulphate or kraft paper process.
As vice president, Megawati in 2000 actually allowed its operation resumption but the company was only allowed to produce pulp and no longer rayon.
Second, heat drives lignocellulose resin (ie, lignin) out of the wood's pulp during the sterilization process.