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pulley / шкив, ролик, блок
имя существительное
pulley, sheave, block, gin
roller, roll, pulley, castor, caster, sheave
block, unit, bloc, pulley, sheave, bowl
имя существительное
a wheel with a grooved rim around which a cord passes. It acts to change the direction of a force applied to the cord and is chiefly used (typically in combination) to raise heavy weights.
Prior to World War II, the sash (the parts that move) was counterweighted by a temperamental arrangement of cords, pulleys and iron weights.
hoist with a pulley.
It's like being on a boat, sleeping on the bus, waking, buying a lift ticket, being pulleyed up the mountain, the payoff, the floating dance of linked telemark turns.
There are V-belt constructions made up of sections that lock together, allowing you to wrap the belt around a trapped pulley and join the two ends.
Incorrect pulley settings, loose fan belts, or incorrect motor speeds can all contribute to poor performance.
One crew-diver controlled its height using a line that passed through a pulley fixed to the seabed and another at the vessel's stern.
Any flat bench with a pulley or cord system will work.
The roar of the engine powering the pulley was like music to my ears as I was slowly but steadily going up again.
Something else you don't do - you don't clear sap buildup from between a pulley and belt when the conveyor is running.
Using a low pulley , Arnold raised one arm out to the side, knuckles up, to shoulder height and squeezed.
It turned out to be a spare pulley used for lifting heavy equipment.
A string was pulled through the hole made by the needle and the string was drawn through a pulley so that weights could be attached to the end of the string.
You'll have to make those parts yourself, and replace the existing steel cable with appropriate cord on the constant force spring pulley .