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pullet / молодка
имя существительное
имя существительное
a young hen, especially one less than one year old.
After about 10 weeks you can start feeding pullets (young hens) about 10 percent scratch grain (a mix of small grain and cracked corn) and 90 percent mash to lower the total protein a bit.
This historic chick, warm golden brown, with a short bill not yet black but pinkish orange, resembles a large downy pullet with no tail.
Although some references explain its etymology as being from old French hutaudeau, meaning a pullet (a young hen), the derivation was in fact hétoudeau or hétourdeau which was a capon (a fattened cock fowl).
Indifference to long nail-sharp spikes did not of course guarantee that one returned with a pullet .
Mick Greenwood took the award for the best hen class while the prize for the best stag went to Jake Walford and the pullet class winner was Dewi Jones.
Even the furloughed convicts who boil down pine trees into turpentine in my vast forest have been receiving an extra pullet or two in their monthly rations.
That's as rancid a set of entrails as was ever extracted from a Roman pullet .
After a breakfast of Portsoy kippers, free-range poached pullet eggs - both typical of the quality produce served at the Mountview - we met up with Kevin.
Potential difficulties were solved when he caused to be constructed for himself a fine, plump, hollow pullet out of papier mâché, the breast being composed of two lids.
They buy their chickens as (non-organic) pullets , almost ready to start laying.
Congress has appropriated money to pay the farmers for their pullets and old hens.