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pull / тянуть, вытащить, потянуть
pull, stretch, drag, draw, extend, haul
pull, pull by
имя существительное
traction, draft, pull, rod, thirst, draw
sip, drink, gulp, mouthful, swallow, pull
tension, pulling, strain, pull, stretch, drag
имя существительное
an act of taking hold of something and exerting force to draw it toward one.
give the hair a quick pull, and it comes out by the roots
a force drawing someone or something in a particular direction or course of action.
the pull of the water tore her away
exert force on (someone or something), typically by taking hold of them, in order to move or try to move them toward oneself or the origin of the force.
he pulled them down onto the couch
(of a vehicle or person) move steadily in a specified direction or to reach a specified point.
the bus was about to pull away
cause (someone) to patronize, buy, or show interest in something; attract.
tourist attractions that pull in millions of foreign visitors
cancel or withdraw (an entertainment or advertisement).
the gig was pulled at the first sign of difficulty
strike (a ball) in the direction of one's follow-through so that it travels to the left or, with a left-handed player, to the right.
he pulled the ball every time he hit a grounder
anyone can enter the show if they have a good act and the ability to pull a crowd
Then its own ion engine will take it, gradually, into bigger and bigger orbits, until the gravitational pull of the Moon takes over.
I'm starting to pull ahead in that last, though, so that's good.
A minor group in Kurdistan with little real pull or power.
he was taken out of the game with a hamstring pull
Black & Mild cigars tasted a lot like black coffee from the initial pull .
pull the door to open it
Europe's benchmark stock indexes have lagged comparable US measures this year, but they may soon start to pull ahead.
I pull away from Jeremy, my left hand moving straight to my mouth.
Then his eyes slid over to Damien's discarded weapon, drawn irresistibly by an invisible pull .