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puke / рвать, тошнить
tear, break, rip, pick, puke, pull
feel sick, puke
имя существительное
vomit, retching, puke, vomitus, retch, spew
имя существительное
Then I was sick in the night, no puke but sick to my stomach and again I screamed to the black walls.
I had eaten to the point of puking
You couldn't have it and you therefore had to steal it… you sad little puke .
Some may argue the practicality factors - milk leakages, baby puke , blocked ducts, engorgement.
Sure enough, one projectile vomit later, some poor bastard had his arm and backpack dripping with puke .
I try not to cry as I attempt to clean up the floor, my very pregnant belly pressing against the rug as I'm on my hands and knees scraping puke from the carpet.
Do not ask your housemate who has friends visiting from out of town to help clean your puke out of the bathtub because you thought it would make you feel better after an unsuccessful night at the bar.
He was lying in roughly the same position as we'd settled him down, but now his cheek was resting beside a slowly spreading puddle of puke .
If you want to work in a bar and get tips, cleaning up puke and dirty ashtrays just comes with the job.
I smelt of warm lager and lime, and puke , and spent most Saturday nights in casualty, holding a wad of tissues to some mate's bottled face.
How often he has had to clean up puke from the back of his limo after escorting a squad of high school grads around on their big night?
During the course of it, the equation of red wine + vodka + nicotine = puke worked out for me with deadly accuracy and considerable amusement for for everyone else.