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pug / мопс, мятая глина, боксер
имя существительное
pug, pug-dog
мятая глина
pug, batter, paste, pug-dog
boxer, pugilist, mauler, pug, sparrer, prize-fighter
идти по следам
мять глину
poach, blunge, pug
pursue, chase, persecute, haunt, follow, pug
имя существительное
a dog of a dwarf breed like a bulldog with a broad flat nose and deeply wrinkled face.
As secretary of the Pugalug Club, a group almost 500 strong throughout Ontario devoted to the health and well being of the pug dog breed, I can't help but feel a need to respond to your article, ‘Good, bad and Pugly’.
loam or clay mixed and worked into a soft, plastic condition without air pockets for making bricks or pottery.
The soil at Ilam is a heavy clay which is slightly acid, and is known as Ilam pug .
a boxer.
The boxer has always included a diet of pugs and lower level fighters among his opponents.
the footprint of an animal.
I saw the pug marks of the tigress in the soft earth
prepare (clay) by working into a soft condition, typically in a machine with rotating blades.
He had erected ‘a more substantial building of logs, pugged with clay’.
pack (a space, typically the space under a floor) with pug, sawdust, or other material in order to deaden sound.
The heavy (2.5kN / [m.sup.2]) roof of lead sheet pugging , membrane and oak ceiling boards, is supported by a composite truss of white American oak rafters, stainless-steel tie-rods and intermediate circular posts.
track (an animal) by its footprints.
Grazing, pugging (hoof prints left in the mud) and wallowing by buffaloes previously prevented these plants from dominating or even establishing.
I saw pug marks, droppings, I even heard them roar, but for four days I did not see a single lion.
Surely a pug is no match for the loyalty of a spaniel?
The pug was the Dutch national dog, and soon it became a national sensation in England.
This couple was waiting to board the plane with their dog, a pug , who they had slung on the woman's chest in a baby carrier.
On either side of this wall, ‘ pug ’ clay was being rammed.
We kept a pug and a little Pomeranian and a Maltese, and gave my parents a little poodle.
a come-from-nowhere pug gets a shot at the heavyweight title
I saw the pug marks of the tigress in the soft earth
Raven had long, greasy mouse-brown hair and a nose like a pug .
Crossing a pug with a Pekingese, for example, could produce disastrous consequences.