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puffy / кичливый, одутловатый, толстый
имя прилагательное
puffy, arrogant
puffy, pasty, doughy, pasty-faced
thick, fat, stout, fleshy, heavy, puffy
имя прилагательное
(especially of part of the body) unusually swollen and soft.
her eyes were puffy and full of tears
(of wind or breath) coming in short bursts.
his breath was puffy and fast
Elaine would be wearing a floor-length, old-fashioned, pink silk gown, complete with puffy skirt à la Gone With the Wind.
She was wearing a pair of dark green pants, and a deep pink puffy shirt with a black corset covering it.
The sky began to clear and there were puffy white clouds forming as the evening faded away.
His eyes were red and swollen, his face puffy , and his nose running badly.
Blue sky, soft, puffy clouds of white with the slightest hint of purple in them.
Like all the meals, the jerk comes with red peas (kidney beans) and rice, as well as plantains that are puffy , soft, and sweet like caramel.
The sky was filled with all sorts of red and orange mixture and soon the sky was filled with puffy soft clouds and twinkling stars.
I dug out a white puffy jacket that always seemed to make me look twice the size I really am.
The small puffy cumulus cloud takes 10 minutes to form and 10 minutes to decay.
The skin becomes swollen and puffy , and pits on being pressed.