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puffer / паровоз, иглобрюх, подставное лицо на аукционе
имя существительное
locomotive, engine, puffer
подставное лицо на аукционе
имя существительное
a person or thing that puffs, in particular, a person who smokes.
Neither of us being puffers we found it quite hard to bear the sweat dripping off our faces from the cooking plates in front of us, coupled with the smoke puffed from every other patron in the joint.
that colourful Clyde puffer, the Vital Spark
Also called balloonfish, spiny puffers belong to the Tetraodontiformes, an order of fishes known for their strange structures and odd behaviors.
It is becoming a taboo habit now and there are far more non-smokers than puffers .
China will not become stronger if it continues to have one third of the world's puffers .
There are obviously plenty of shellfish and crabs, too, because I saw giant puffers and octopus and none looked short of a meal.
Twain, one of the great puffers , tried to give up smoking but found that it ruined his work.
There is no shortage of choice, a good variety of butterflyfish, an unusual striped damselfish, puffers and a shoal of small barracuda.
But surely this is just as difficult as policing bars for errant puffers ?
Further evidence that the several instances of beach spawning in fishes arose by different mechanisms comes from puffers and sticklebacks.
I don't think I've ever seen so many little puffers washed up, or even just swimming around, in that part of the beach before.