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puerile / легкомысленный, ребяческий, незрелый
имя прилагательное
frivolous, careless, flippant, giddy, light-headed, puerile
childish, puerile, babyish, baby, shirttail, dotish
immature, crude, unripe, puerile, green, raw
empty, blank, vacant, unoccupied, idle, puerile
имя прилагательное
childishly silly and trivial.
you're making puerile excuses
The characters' grotesque infantilism and puerile sense of humour is an important part of what is being satirised.
This version is puerile , including jokes that could hardly have raised a snigger when first heard and turns of speech abandoned for over a generation.
There was a certain puerile joy in her, a childish excitement shone in her eyes.
Seriously, my friends, this a deep and meaningful lesson, not just a puerile , unfunny swipe at poor people.
When we see our politicians acting in such a puerile and childish manner is it any wonder the country is awash with apathy and cynicism?
And rather than enjoying my puerile comments, Scarlett was stung.
Such a success story, so unapologetically, cheerfully puerile .
Swift uses this story to satirize the petty divisions and puerile squabbling of Christian sects.
For some the right to a fair trial is trumped by rubber-necking, political opportunism and puerile attention seeking.
Because the reasoning would be too puerile and the attempted association too reminiscent of the methods of Stalinism.